Make your tokens distributions simple.

Coinstantine makes mass tokens distribution easy, from your wallet to unlimited others in one transaction only. Save Time. Save Money.

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Save Time

Coinstantine runs your tokens distributions. You set the distribution list, Coinstantine makes it work.

Save Money

The transaction costs are shared with all the tokens distribution list. You only have a one-transaction fee.

Easy Settings

Join the smart contract, configure the Airdrop, set the registered list, distribute your tokens.

Easy Withdrawal

Coinstantine makes it easy to withdraw your tokens. Connect to the app, subscribe to the Airdrop.

How it works

You want to distribute tokens to a large list of users ? An easy smart contract based on Ethereum, an easy Airdrop configuration, a secure registered users list. That’s all you need with Coinstantine to make mass tokens distribution.


Create your account and validate your profile.


Access to your wallet and your last Airdrops.


Make tokens distribution to other wallets.

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