Share your transaction fees when you distribute tokens.

Transfer easily tokens from your wallet to unlimited others in one transaction only. Save Time. Save Money.

The Coinstantine target

What is Coinstantine ?

The purpose of Coinstantine is to make airdrops and mass tokens distributions easier and cheaper. The intelligence is defined in a smart contract. The smart contract manages the tokens deposits and makes them available to the subscribed users.

Coinstantine project consists of a smart contract, a website and a mobile app. The website is aimed to be used by airdropers/distributors, the mobile app by the users who want to receive tokens and the smart contract is there to make the magic happen.

Coinstantine brings trust and transparency in a dark and blurry domain.

  • Easier and cheaper for the distributors
  • Easier and scam-free for the users
  • Works with Ethereum-based tokens

What is a Smart Contract ?

A smart contract is a digital contract ran on a blockchain. Just like physical contracts, a smart contract has properties and terms. The smart contract processes the terms defined. The process is transparent, ran and validated by the network. The code is accessible and immutable. Once deployed a smart contract cannot be changed or amended.

Basically, a smart contract is the digital form of a trusted third party (such as a notary) processing a physical contract.

Coinstantine is then the contract that certifies that someone is willing to distribute tokens or Ether to users. And the smart contract will take care of that in a transparent way.

Ethereum Based App

Coinstantine enjoys the power of Ethereum for its tokens distributions

Easy Smart Contract

The smart contract makes it simple for users to distribute tokens

Mass Tokens Distribution

Distribute tokens to users in one transaction only with one single cost

Coinstantine main features

Click on the feature to see more details

See your Airdrops

Follow easily through the app the different airdrops you subscribed to.

Get all the information about the airdrops you are following. Get the latest updates and know more about their status and the status of your subscription.

You will know when the airdrop will start, the exact amount you will receive, how many people are participating and check the criteria to participate.

Manage your wallet

As soon as you create a Coinstantine account, a new Ethereum wallet will be created for you. You will be able to manage your account from the app.

The private key won’t be stored on the device, therefore you will be able to access the wallet management from any device you’re logged in.

In this section, you will be able to withdraw the airdropped tokens, Coinstantine tokens and any Ether you would have on you account.

Validate your profile

One of the main feature dropped with Coinstantine app is the ability to validate your social media profile, once forever.

Link your Twitter, Telegram and Bitcoin Talk account through the app and get rid of this recurrent and tedious step you were used to be asked to do for every single airdrop participation.

Only public data can be shared with a distributor. Your approval to share your public data will be always asked.

App settings & security

The app do not store any sensitive data. Loging-in is done via email/password or with the pin code you set the very first time you install the app. The pin code can be changed in the settings.
Choose the app language you want to use.
Have a look on the white paper.
Check the terms and services and the privacy policy.

Timeline project

  • Concept development

    Thinking and conceiving a smart contract solution to current airdrop limits

  • White paper

    The first release of the white paper

  • Android alpha version

    Releasing the Android alpha version of the app. The app will allow users to see the main features of the app, subscribe to the airdrops and also participate to the presale phase.

  • iOS alpha version

    Releasing the iOS alpha version of the app. The app will allow users to see the main features of the app, subscribe to the airdrops and also participate to the presale phase.

  • Website

    Releasing the website with account creation and login flow feature

  • Presale

    Starting the presale phase on July 1st till August 15th

  • ICO

    Starting the second phase of sale

  • Website

    Releasing the website with airdrop creation functionalities

  • More third party applications

    Adding Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and more as third party applications

  • New blockchain support

    Supporting Neo smart contracts

  • New blockchain support

    Supporting Stratis smart contracts

  • Desktop Apps

    Releasing PC and Mac OS version of the app

I want the Coinstantine app!

App available for Android now and iOS soon.

Use cases

Create your Airdrop to distribute tokens

The distributor will use the website and there they will need to provide some information about their smart contract and the tokens they want to distribute. We need to have the JSON file that represents the ABI of the smart contract, the Ethereum address of the smart contract. The distributor will also need to configure the airdrop:

  • the number of tokens to distribute
  • the maximum number of people to register to the airdrop
  • the start and expiration date
  • the token name
  • the name they want to give to the airdrop
  • and of course all the prerequisites a user needs to fill for subscribing

Once the configuration done, the airdrop will be available for the public, and people will be able to subscribe. During the process of subscription and until the distribution, the air dropper will have the capacity to deny access to a user. This capacity is provided for the case where Coinstantine algorithm didn’t detect a duplicate account and the air dropper did. Once the list of users validated, the distribution can start.

Subscribe to the Airdrop to withdraw your tokens

The subscriber will be using the mobile app.
After downloading and installing the app, the user will need to create an account and link their social media accounts. Every account can be linked only once. It is not possible to use twice the same Twitter account for two different Coinstantine accounts. Same thing for all the third party applications. The user needs then to link their Twitter, Telegram and Bitcoin Talk accounts.

They can find an airdrop either by scanning the code the distributor provided, or by entering the details of the airdrop in the app.

Once on the airdrop page, if all the requirements are met, the user will be able to subscribe to the airdrop. Before subscribing, the user receives an alert and is asked to confirm they are willing to share some data with the air dropper. The list

Of all the data that the air dropper will have access to, is on the screen. Nothing more, nothing less.
As soon as the tokens are ready, the user will receive a notification. They will need to have some Coinstantine on their wallet to be able to withdraw the airdropped tokens.

Understand the Airdrop cycle

Users who want to participate to airdrops need most of the time to fill a Google form, give details about their Twitter / Telegram / Bitcoin Talk / Facebook accounts and perform few social medias tasks. Retweeting a specific tweet, sending
a post on Bitcoin Talk forum, joining a Telegram channel, etc. And this needs to be done for every single airdrop a user wants to join. And for every participation, they need to be careful and to check if they are not falling into a trap and to be sure not to compromise their private key.

Coinstantine brings simplicity. The information about all their social accounts will be asked and therefore given only once. The details are stored and are shared with distributors when a user subscribes to an airdrop.

The main idea of Coinstantine is sharing the costs, instead of having the distributor paying all the transactions, every user will participate to the effort with Coinstantine token while withdrawing. The amount
of Coinstantine needed to withdraw airdropped tokens will depend on the market price. In Ether, the price will always be approximatively 0.007 ETH.

Having a smart contract handling the distribution, and the distribution being done through the withdrawal pattern can assure users they won’t be scammed. Worst case scenario would be receiving a worthless token.

This brings easiness to subscribe and reliance to users.

Coinstantine App is available for Android now & iOS

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